As Hollywood costume designers working on Horror Nights, we became frustrated with costs and time to apply and finish glue on prosthetic pieces before every show—only to have them fall off. (Not to mention the performers having allergic reactions to glue, etc.)

Thus, the seed of an idea was inserted in some rotten soil and out grew into what is now Insta-Gore.

insta-gore guts logo

Silicone prosthetic shirts give you a bloody and gory look instantaneously. Just wear and scare.

insta-gore blood drip


Saving money by buying just one piece, rather than using new glue on prosthetic every night. Also, save time by instantly getting gory—no more painting prosthetics for every event.

Good for the environment.

If cared for properly, shirts should last for more than one season. No more waste from using new glue on prosthetics every night.

Custom-sculpted designs

Designs were sculpted by LA artists working in the entertainment industry. All shirts will be custom made and painted per order. Please allow our talented artists the time to gore up your product.


insta-gore happy haunting